About OLA

The Ontario Lavender Association (OLA) was created to represent the needs and interests of the Ontario lavender industry. Our mission is to grow a prosperous and vibrant Ontario lavender industry, together.

Why Join?

  • Non-profit
  • A powerful network of growers, processors, suppliers, retailers, craftspeople, business, researchers, academics
  • A network for information sharing, research and project collaboration
  • Encourages public interest in lavender and lavender by-products
  • Supplies knowledge regarding propagating and growing lavender
  • Promotes and brands through Lavender Ontario
  • Actively advocates for the benefit of lavender industry growth & development
  • Providing Access to Government
  • Open access to farm programs funded by the government
  • Education and professional development
  • Agri-tourism
  • Support human resource and operation management
  • Members enjoy a 5% discount on all supplies purchased at Dubois Agrinovation


See OLA membership benefits

NEW MEMBERS: Please click the button above and fill in the Membership Registration Form, and it will automatically submit to: ontariolavenderassociation@gmail.com

EXISTING MEMBERS can send updates to their profile to the email address above as well.

Hard copies of the registration form and cheques can be sent to: Ontario Lavender Association 1283 Blueline Road Simcoe, ON N3Y 4N5

Full Membership 1 Year – $130  (Growers, Primary Processors, Retailers, Artisans)

Please note that the fiscal year is from January 1st to December 31st.

The Ontario Lavender Association now accepts payment through e-Transfer!

To e-Transfer payments to the OLA, follow these steps:
  1. Go to your online banking website
  2. Under e-Transfer or Interac transfer, add OLA as a new recipient (you only need to add the OLA for the first payment and then it will show up in your recipient list going forward)
  3. Add the following email address: ontariolavenderassociation@gmail.com
  4. Specify the amount.
  5. Include a message in the message section for what the payment is for (i.e. membership fee, AGM fee, etc.) and who it is for (person's name)
  6. Pick a password (we suggest using Lavender as the password but if you choose something else, please ensure that you email the OLA separately to indicate the password chosen).
  7. Send payment to the OLA!
If you have any questions, please contact the OLA

Mentorship Program

Become a Mentor

  • Guidelines for dealing with those who approach you
  • Assigned a mentee(s) that is not in your immediate geographic region
  • Provided with boundaries on what information you do not need to be sharing

Become a Mentee

  • Be assigned a mentor
  • Review existing lavender education material before meeting your mentee
  • Provide volunteer hours of hands-on learning to your mentor

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Once you have joined as a OLA Member, be sure to join our OLA Member's Only Facebook group!

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